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Titus: The Godly Pastor and the Godly Church

Titus: The Godly Pastor and the Godly Church

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In today’s church world, fresh scandals involving churches and clergy seem to erupt regularly, and many such disgraced ministers easily find new work in other churches without any true repentance or corresponding change in behavior. This state of affairs flies in the face of the apostle Paul’s insistence on godly pastors and godly churches. As Paul well knew, without righteous pastors, congregations will not seek holiness, and without holiness, no one shall see the Lord.

Rev. P. G. Mathew’s commentary on Paul’s Epistle to Titus focuses on the key to successful churches—pastors who are both pious and learned, and members who strive to live holy lives. His Spirit-led exegesis of this pastoral epistle is a must-read for both pastors and congregants who are committed to building churches that truly prosper by pleasing the thrice-holy God.