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James: Fruitful Christian Faith

James: Fruitful Christian Faith

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In Fruitful Christian Faith, Pastor P. G. Mathew exposes and critiques the deadly plague of antinomianism (lawlessness) that is spreading throughout the church. A growing number of evangelical ministers are hawking a message of salvation that declares that we can have both Christ and our sin.

These antinomian preachers proclaim that if we believe in Jesus, we will be saved, even if we continue on in a life of sin. They have perverted the gospel of grace by making it into a license for immorality. But James asserts that faith without deeds is dead, noting that even the demons give mental assent to God's truth. The grace that saves us also empowers us to walk in holiness. Those who preach the true gospel will always call believers to live a God-pleasing life.